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About Us

Camden Town Removals is a new specialist in the removals business field, committed to offering our customers something a little bit more than the average moving experience. With 10 years experience of operating in the Camden area, we have expanded to include services for all of London and the rest of the UK as well. In recent years we have also started helping people and companies relocate abroad as well, meaning that we are know able to say that whatever the project, whatever the scale, everyone can benefit from our unique service and our customer service.

When we formed there were three key areas that we looked to combat to ensure that our customers had the best possible service. We looked at stress, time and price, all of which were areas that we felt that our competition were failing to offer the very best in.

This is why, as you look around our site you will notice the attention to detail we take when it comes to planning. Coupled with our wide range of optional services, these effectively cut the stress and time that you will experience to minimal levels, and as for the price...well you won’t find better value than what we charge for our pristine vans and highly skilled workers.

We have extensive removals practice both with the management team and the people on the ground who represent our company with a smile one their face. All of our employees join after an extensive recruitment drive to ensure that they are the best out there, not only in terms of their efficiency and technical skill, but also when it comes to their understanding of our ethos.

That ethos is centered around respect, and in many ways we believe that this is what separates us from the competition. It isn’t just about respecting you. It isn’t just about respecting your family. It is about an understanding that everything in this situation is important, from the courtesy we show you to the regard in which we hold you possessions and your home itself, whether it is the one you are leaving or the one that you are moving into.

We also understand that, in a labour intensive field you can never underestimate the role of technology. This is why we have invested heavily in the available technology which can help our removal technicians on the floor and also can give you added levels of protection. All of our vehicles have state of the art security, so that whether you are heading just down the road or overseas you know that your possessions will be safely secured behind the most up to date vehicles.

So whether you are in need of storage, or packing materials, an overseas removals experience or something a little closer to home, it makes sense to use a local company who have been helping thousands of people like you to move house over the last decade. Our team don’t just aim to offer a superior quality removals experience, we want to offer you a solidity that you can rely on when everything else is up in the air. Our friendly call centre staff are right here, waiting for your call so get in touch to organise a stress-free home or office removals experience.