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Removals and Storage

Our company may be located in Camden Town but we offer service all over London as well as up and down the country. Whether you are relocating to Lands End in Cornwall, or to John O’Groats in Scotland, we can provide you with reasonably priced removal and storage assistance. Part of this service is free quotations, free advice and not to mention free planning. So if you wish to get your quote for moving and/or storing your possessions, call Camden Town Removals on 020 8746 9605 today. 

Whether you are moving house, moving office or merely trying to get rid of furniture, removals can cause an upsetting amount of stress. Nobody wants to get a piano stuck on the stairs or in a door, and nobody wants to have to take all the doors of in your house or office in order to get a piece of furniture outside. That is when our experience of the removals business comes in to play. We can provide you with boxes, packing, relocation, transportation and storage services all to make sure the stress stays buried rather than showing its ugly, unwanted face. All of our movers have experience in the field, but they also have a great attitude that can lighten the mood at particularly taxing times in the operation. They are extremely careful with all of your possessions because not only are they worth money, but also in many cases they have sentimental value; particularly in house removals. All of our movers will try their utmost to make sure your move is stress-free by working hard, being on time and paying attention to the little details that other companies might miss or not even bother with. 

The prices we offer are reasonable because we aim to provide our moving services to all residents in Camden Town and London, whenever they need it. There is no longer any need to borrow your mate’s van and make twenty trips to and from the two locations because we can do it for you now. 

We also offer a fantastic storage service that will serve to keep your possessions safe and sound. It doesn’t matter if you are just looking for somewhere to keep a set of wardrobes until you can offload them, or whether you need to take a holiday before moving into your new destination. Our facilities are cheap and secure making them the number one choice for people with not enough storage room of their own.

Whether you want free moving advice, or to get quotes and prices on our removal and storage services, call Camden Town Removals on 020 8746 9605. We are professionals and will ensure you don’t have to work up a sweat whilst moving. We are more than happy to help with furniture removals, office removals or full house removals, because we have the experience and the knowledge to make it work for you. A lot of prospective movers worry about their belongings because they could get damaged during the move but with our guys on the job, they take extra care to make sure nothing gets damaged. We understand the importance our customers’ needs, meaning that everything we do is aimed at making the process as stress-free as possible. There’s no reason to stress yourself out when you could just call us instead.