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Holiday Moving and Storage Tips for Students

For students, holidays not only represent a break from Uni life and higher education, but the completion of exams and coursework – thus, if you’re a student, chances are you head home(wherever home is) whenever a holiday starts, ready to start having fun with your friends and family! However, before you can get stuck into some seasonal fun with your nearest and dearest, you first need to pack up your belongings. This might sound painful, but luckily for you, we’re on hand to offer you some simple, effective top tips to packing and moving your stuff at the end of term! Ultimately, when you leave your University residence, some stuff will need to come home with you, and some won’t. It’s best practice to have a clear idea in advance of everything you need to take with you, and organise things accordingly. There’s nothing worse than not being prepared and having to rush on the last day of term – so in the days before the end of term, put social concerns on the backburner (we know it’s tough!), and take the time to prepare properly. Now, as for the actual physical act of packing, we recommend you use robust storage and moving boxes to store and transport your possessions. Don’t fall into the trap of sourcing used produce boxes from a supermarket or elsewhere – buy proper cardboard or plastic boxes from a professional removal company or similar. A little investment can make a big difference, and you shouldn’t compromise the safety or condition of things you value or need for the sake of a few pounds! The best moving boxes you can buy will also withstand being filled to capacity, meaning you can economise your cargo whilst not risking breakage! Another smart investment is bubble wrap. In fact, there are many packing materials for sale which can come in very handy – including dust sheets, packing peanuts and more! The best student removal companies will be able to supply you with these accessories for not much money, and they’re excellent for protecting fragile and precious items. A good way of discerning whether you need to buy bubble wrap or packing materials is to go through everything you’ll be moving home with you, and rate what you value most, and what will cost you the most if it were to be broken or damaged in transit. However, even lesser value items – such as plates, glasses and pictures in frames – can also easily be damaged in transit, and replacing them represents unnecessary extra cost! Better to spend a little now rather than lots later! Once all your stuff is packed and sorted, you need to decide what to do with your boxes. Some will be coming home with you – others won’t be. If there’s stuff you cannot, or won’t be able to, move back home with you, but you don’t want to risk leaving unguarded for extended periods, we recommend you investigate self-storage facility rental. The best self-storage facilities will specifically cater to the needs of students – and offer space at rates which won’t break the bank or stretch your budget to breaking point! Further to his, you’ll find that the best student removal companies offer comprehensive student holiday deals, which combine moving you home with moving your belonging to a self-storage facility. You truly cannot put a price on peace of mind, and the money you invest in a student storage space solution for the holidays will ensure your belongings are kept safe under lock and key, and the watchful eye of the storage facility’s security team!