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How To Be Savvy With Your Packing Materials

If you’re moving into a new home or office then you need to make sure that you have the right packing materials for the job. Packing supplies can be expensive, especially if you don’t shop around to find bargains and budget items. If you want to be savvy when it comes to sourcing your packing supplies and materials then have a look at this guide to find some fantastic tips to get you off to the best start.1)    Make a list of what you need.Don’t overspend on packing materials by overestimating what you’ll need. Bubble wrap can be costly if bought in bulk, as can packing foam, and these products aren’t widely recyclable. Don’t waste your money buying things you aren’t going to need, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating your needs either! 2)    Speak to friends and family.Your friends and family can help you when it comes to supplying you with packing materials. Paper, newspaper, old cardboard boxes and even under-the-bed storage boxes can be amazingly useful for your move, and these are things that lots of people should be able to lend or give to you. Why not ask around to see what you can find? 3)    Set yourself a budget.You don’t want to spend too much money on packing materials, so think about your budget and how much money you want to invest. Remember that packing materials can and will keep your belongings safe on moving day, so don’t neglect to get what you need. 4)    Use items from around your home.There are lots of items in your home which can be used as make-shift packing materials. Newspapers and magazines are great for padding out boxes, and plastic boxes and drawers make excellent and secure moving boxes. Bedding and towels can be used to protect fragile items, and suitcases are perfect for transporting your clothes. Get creative and see how items in your home can help you on moving day! 5)    Check online.The internet can always save you money and help you find a bargain, and it’s no different when it comes to your packing materials! Removal companies, storage companies and some warehouses will sell all of the foam peanuts and moving boxes that you need, so shop around online to find great deals. Some companies might even get rid of your used items once you’ve finished with them, which can be a huge help! 6)    Ask at your local shops.Lots of people move house with moving boxes from corner shops and local stores. Shops are often more than willing to get rid of cardboard boxes that once contained stock, but there are a few things to be wary of if you’re moving house using these. Check the weight of the products the box used to contain – this will give you an idea of how much weight the box will be able to handle without breaking. You should also take the time to reinforce your boxes with packing tape so that they won’t fall apart on moving day! Remember that second-hand boxes are exactly that, so they won’t be as sturdy as professional moving boxes! 7)    Speak with your removal company.If you’ve hired a removal company to help you on moving day then speak to them to find out about packing materials. Lots of removal companies are able to offer package deals that include packing supplies, while others might be able to recommend cheap and reliable places to buy them from.