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How To Make Your Retail Move A Success

If you’re moving to a new retail outlet and want to make sure that you don’t lose any business along the way then it is crucial to make your move as efficient as possible. Even small shops need to make sure that they’re out of action for only a minimal amount of time so that customers can always get what they want. There are a number of stages involved in making any retail move, large or small, a success so if you want to give it a go check out some of the handy tips below. •    Effective Planning No move should be undertaken without some planning, especially when a retail business is involved, as not only is the safety of your stock at risk but also your hard earned reputation. The last thing that you need is to be closed for a few days, or for some of your stock to get damaged or go missing, so make sure that you plan thoroughly before you go. If you intend to try and have a crossover period between your two shops, make sure that you keep some of your most popular items in both stores until the end to avoid disappointing any customers. •    Invest In Some Professional HelpWhen you’re playing with your future business success, it is more important than ever to invest in a little bit of professional help. Whether you just hire a state-of-the-art moving van or go all out for a removals and packing service, any help you can afford will make your move run more smoothly. While you could opt to move it by yourself, this can end of up taking much longer and may lose you valuable opening hours. •    Invest In New Packaging MaterialsWhatever your sell in your retail outlet, it needs to be kept in a pristine condition throughout your move if you are to be able to sell it in your new store. To do this, it is vital that you invest in suitable packaging materials that can help to keep your items clean and safe from damage or breaks. Clothes or soft furnishings should be covered in a protective film or wrapping, while fragile items should be thoroughly secured in boxes with bubble wrap and packing fillers. If you fail to pack your stock securely, then be aware that the move may cost you a lot more than you initially intended. •    Move Important Items or Fast-Sellers FirstIf you are closing your current outlet before the new one opens, it is good practice to make sure that your fast-selling items are loaded onto the van with easy access at the other end. That way even if you haven’t got your new store completely ready in time for opening hours you can open a section of the store with some of your more popular items first. Remember though that image matters, so don’t open your shop if it is in such a mess that it will detract from your positive business image. •    Move As Quickly As PossibleIt is never a good move to leave you shop closed for longer than is absolutely necessary, as this will only give your customers time to find somewhere new to shop. So make sure that you get some extra people in to help you with your packing and unpacking, and if possible to invest in a professional moving service to keep you’re loading and unloading times to a minimum. If you can arrange your move overnight, or on a day when you’re not usually open, then this will also help to keep any customer disruption to a minimum.