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How to Move Your Plants with no Damage

Plants are very beautiful part of every home. They do not only bring balance and are nice decoration, they are very good for the air in the house or apartment as well. As part of each home, sooner or later comes the time for them to be moved to another place. Though it looks very easy for a plant in a pot or a container to be moved, as you only take it and load it on the vehicle you have chosen for this purpose, actually it is not like that. There are many things that have to be taken in mind if you want to have your most favorite flowers still alive at the new location.

  You have to be very well informed for the policy of bringing flowers along to foreign countries and if you still like to do it, you have to be pretty sure that especially your type is allowed to be brought in. For example in Canada you can not take your potted fruit trees with your luggage as you move to the country. So instead you start to plan how to become a plant smuggler, you would better get informed for the plants that can be brought in the particular country.

  Usually articles like this one suggest searching for professional help, in this case a moving company. You can do that as well for your plants but you have to know, that you can not insure such kind of items. Plants are very fragile and can respond badly to atmosphere changes, so the mover will take them but will give no guarantee for their condition at the time of the arrival. In any case ask the company you have hired for the moving. Do not hurry to prepare the flowers for the road, because the movers may refuse to take them on.

  In case you have already have the decision and it will be to move the plants yourself, you can do that in one very simple way. You will only need large boxes, where you will put your pots, made steady from cushioning between each two pots and the walls of the box. Ordered like this, you can put them on the back side of the car, never in the trunk, because the air there is not much and your plant will probably be dead by the time of the arrival. If you have tall flower, you can use the floor of the car to put them on it.

  When you are flowers’ admirer and you want to bring the most precious of them with you, you have to leave enough time for their preparation. You should take them and repot them into plastic container, because they are easier and more rational for moving. Even after you have done this you have to leave time for adjusting, because flowers will need it in the new pot, you are putting them in. You can wrap the flowers in plastic, but be sure you have made holes for them to breathe.

  When you have a garden you can not take it all with you. You also should not leave the new owner without the most beautiful plants in it. What you can do in this case is to take cuttings and put them in floral tubes filled with water.

  At the arrival you have to take all packaging away immediately, then you can pour water to the flowers and add plant food. Observe the garden flowers carefully, because even if you have moved them successfully the changes in the climate can be very hard for them.