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How to Spot Home Buyer Scams

If you are planning to sell your house, beware of the most commonly seen home buyer scams. The following discussions on home buyer scams enable you to take necessary precautionary measures.   1. Buyers, who plan to make profit out of the seller's innocence, make a verbal agreement with the seller initially. On one fine morning, they request the seller to sign the contract papers saying that all the details are as discussed. The innocent seller who trusts the home buyer, signs the contract. In fact, the home buyer has made great changes to the initial offer leaving the seller at a loss. To avoid this sort of scams, it is essential to go through the entire document carefully before signing it.   2. In a rush to sale the house, certain sellers would opt for buyers who reside out of the country. Some fraudulent home buyers request the seller to send the bank account details so as to transfer the amount. In fact, after receiving the account details, the buyer gets the amount transferred from the seller account to his own account without the knowledge of the seller. To avoid these scams, it is always recommended to deal house sale transactions in person rather than through phone or internet.   Lastly, sellers have to check the details of the buyer before making a contract. They should take the help of a professional solicitor for verifying house sale deed documents.