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Key Questions to Help You Get the Right Size of Self Storage Unit

If you have come to realize that you need a self storage facility for all the clutter in your home, you need to know exactly what size of storage unit to get. It is easy to think that you need the biggest space possible. But if you won't be able to use a lot of space inside the unit, you're simply throwing away your hard-earned cash. There are no accurate ways to determine what size of storage one may need but these guide questions will help you pick the appropriate size for your possessions. 1.
What does the storage unit look like? Different storage units have different constructions. Some or completely walled and some are partially walled. If you need to pile boxes up to the ceiling, then fully walled units are your best bet. Hence, take the time to look at the unit before paying for your rent. 2.
How much of your items are stackable? If most of your possessions consist of non stackable items such as appliances and furniture, you will definitely need a larger floor space. Conversely, if you are only storing piles of documents or boxes in your unit, small units work best. 3.
How organized are you?  If you are skillful in packing and organizing items, you will do well in maximizing any kind of storage space.  Be honest with yourself and assess whether you can make the most of the space provided. If still in doubt, ask the storage facility's advice. If you explain to them just how much stuff you need to store, they will be able to determine the storage unit that can accommodate all your belongings.