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Moving Checklist: The Top Things to Consider

Moving can be exhausting, but if you plan things well, it can be much less of a hassle. Creating a checklist can really help you make things run much smoother and it should really save you from a lot of trouble later on, so do make sure you do it.How do you make a moving checklist? We have gathered the most important tips to include here so do read on and find out more. 1.    Ideally you should start “moving” about 5-6 months before the date at which you have to free the apartment or house in which you live at the moment. At this time, you will only be searching for a new place to move in, so take your time. Don’t rush into anything and make the best decision for yourself. Most likely, you will want to live in the new place for quite some time so you really need to pay attention to how you decide on this. 2.    Two months before the “big date”, you should already start sorting things out. Get rid of everything you don’t actually use anymore and this includes clothes that you don’t wear or which are not properly fitting, old magazines, old home supplies and various other items in your household that have not been used in the past couple of months. 3.    Also two months before the actual moving, you should start researching your options when it comes to professional help. The two main choices you have is either hiring for a man with a van or hiring for a moving company. Either way, the type of services you can receive from them will be pretty much the same with the only difference being that usually, man and van hires come with smaller trucks/vans than removal companies. However, in most of the cases, the smaller option will be more than enough for a 4-5 room house or apartment. 4.    One and a half months before the moving date, you should start using all the products in your home. If you don’t use them, do remember to get rid of them. Also, this is the time when you will need to stock up on various types of supplies for moving house: boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, scissors, packing tape and so on. Most likely, your moving company or man and van hire will be able to help you with this. 5.    By the time you only have one month before moving, you should have already chosen your preferred company. Also, this is the time when you will start actually packing. Start with those items in your household you only use very rarely (the waffle iron is probably a good example here) and move towards those which you use frequently. Remember that you should leave some of the items out for the days before and after the moving. Also, remember that clothes and kitchen items are usually the last ones to be packed but that they should definitely not be left for the very last moment either. Label everything properly and make sure every single item is packed according to its instructions and in a safe way so that neither the items nor the movers get hurt in any way. 6.    This is also the time to deal with the paperwork as well. You may have to file for a change of address and you will have to start notifying people, companies and banks of your moving as well. 7.    Two weeks before the moving date, you should reconfirm everything with your moving company. Also, you should make sure you are free from work on the day of the moving as well. Furthermore, now is a good time to start cleaning everything, but 8.    A few days before the moving you should de-frost your freezer, you should double-check everything and you should call for the cleaning services too.