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Moving House - Tips for Teenagers

If your family is facing house relocation then you need to know some things in advance. One of the hardest things for every family is to move with children, especially teenagers. If you want to help out your parents and still have time to say goodbye to your friends, there are some things you can do to make the process easier for everyone. First of all, remember that a house move, unless it was planned and everyone had a say in it, is not an easy experience for anybody. Your parents need to plan it all months before - budget, packing, travelling. There is a lot going on and lots of pressure that they will try to spare you and your siblings. However, children often cause the biggest pressure on their parents and on the entire move. Second of all, know that your parents are not your enemy for choosing to move house. There are many reasons and circumstances which might have led to this decision and neither is because they want to hurt your feelings or ruin your current life. Third of all, you can make the process much easier by being cooperative and understanding, instead of frowning and blaming your parents for doing this.

Now that you know how things really stand, it's time for action. Saying goodbye to your friends and the life you are used to is clearly not easy. Having to change your school is also quite a shocking experience. Talk to your parents and try to negotiate the best time for the move. In terms of education, it is best for you to finish the academic year and move afterwards or move before the next year starts. This will give you the opportunity to finish school properly, get your transcripts and records and have enough time to check out the new school and meet your teachers. Don't let your parents deal with everything without you having a say in it. Another thing you need to take part in is the packing process. Even if your parents decide to hire a moving company to do the packing, you will probably feel much more comfortable packing your own belongings first. What you need to do is decide what to take and what to leave behind. After all, every move is expensive and packing and transporting things only costs more money. Think whether you are using something and if not throw it away, sell it or give it to charity. This way you can even earn some money out of the whole thing. Packing your belongings can be easily done - grab some medium sized boxes for the basic stuff and some smaller ones for the books. Pack your winter clothes in bags or boxes and discuss with your parents how to pack linen, blankets and shoes. Unless you are really good at it, it's best to leave the electronics to the movers or to your father. Clean your room and empty each drawer and cabinet. If you have fragile items make sure you put enough padding at the bottom of the box. Padding can be made by many things: shredded paper, bubble wrap, plain paper, linen, old towels, etc. The whole process of packing takes a long time, so make sure you are helping out as much as you can. Your parents will appreciate that and you will manage to adjust to the change easier.