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Packing Services in Ilford

One of the most annoying things about moving home is having to pack up everything into boxes, this can be very time consuming if you have a lot of stuff and absolutely no idea where to start. In order to transport your things from one home to your new home and have them arrive in Ilford in one piece, you really need to think about how you pack your things and more importantly how you protect your things. You can, of course, do your packing yourself, and this is what most people choose to do.  In packing yourself you need to make sure you have the time to do it and the materials that you will need to box everything up, so you will need time and money.  A packing service is likely to be more expensive than doing it yourself, but consider the following:•    After you have bought the packing materials you need, is it really that much more expensive to hire a packing service?•    A packing service is likely to get your home packed for you much quicker than you can do it yourself, are you under any time restraints? Or are you unable to spare the time you need to pack up?•    Do you think it is worth paying a little extra and having someone take some of the stress of moving away for you?Packing services are on offer from a number of companies and a quick internet search will give you an idea as to some in the Ilford area.  These companies are experienced in packing up your belongings in a safe and secure manner, they will wrap in something protective like bubble wrap, and make sure it is safely secured in boxes.  The packing company will also label boxes with a note of the contents, and will add any ‘this way up’, or ‘fragile’ stickers that you need. They are usually experienced in handling the more difficult or delicate items that you may have in your home, things like a piano, a grandfather clock etc.  To add to this, the staff of the packing company are able to dismantle your furniture for you, making it much easier to move, and some may even put it back together for you in your new home.  A packaging service will also, usually, supply all of the materials that you might need.  When you are selecting a packing company, make a list of the ones available in your area and start calling around for a quote, while you are on the phone ask some questions about the company and services offered, here are some examples of good questions to ask:•    What is included in the quote?  Are there likely to be any additional charges? Can you get this quote in writing?•    Is insurance included in the price quoted? If not, is it available for an additional charge? How does the insurance policy cover you, your property and your belongings?•    What is the packing company process?  What time will the staff arrive and leave? How many members of staff will there be? Are they easily identifiable (i.e. uniformed)? How many days will the packing take?•    Is the company experienced in packing services? How long have they been offering this service?•    Are there any references available for you to look at?Compare the companies not only on price but on the services they offer, the experience they have and how well established and reputable they are. Avoid just choosing the cheapest one. Go online and try to find real customer reviews on the packing companies, this will give you an insight as to how good customers have found the services from these companies.