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Tips on How to Pack Bedrooms Systematically

It is always recommended that you pack your house by rooms. One of the rooms you must really pay attention to is the bedroom since it is where your personal belongings are. But before you put anything into the box, make sure that you have discarded the items and clothing you no longer use. It is best that you do this so you will not have to pack things you will no longer use. You won't have to bring them to your new home as well. So, not only do you save on packing materials but on moving vehicle space as well.

Once you are ready to pack, make sure that you have enough supply of moving boxes and other packing materials. Segregate a few changes of clothing as well so you will have something to wear in the last few days of your stay in your current home until the first day of your stay in your new home. Jewelry and other valuables should be hand carried as well. Shoes can be placed under wardrobe boxes to save space. You can also place them in original boxes and box them together in a medium moving box. Pillows and bedding can be packed and sealed in plastic bags which you can slip into empty vehicle spaces later on.

Furniture should be disassembled. But make sure all parts are boxed together, screws and bolts should be bagged and taped with the biggest component. Empty all drawers with breakables and heavy objects. You can then place linens or socks and other small and light clothing. Tape the drawers though so they will not fall out while in transit.