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Tips to Move Furniture with Simplicity

Moving involves relocation of bulky, heavy furniture, not just the small things. It is often the most challenging aspect of the move but these guidelines should be able to ease the transition.

1.    Calculate dimensions of pathways
Measure the doors as well as the hallways. Plan the best way to move out bulky furniture. It is a good idea to have a ‘spotter' during the shift. The spotter's job is to determine the best angle to move the furniture safely and successfully.
2.    Utilize furniture pads or sliders
This material is available in any depot or hardware stores. Place them beneath furniture so you can effortlessly move and glide it across the floor. This is very beneficial for people redecorating houses too.
3.      Clear contents of furniture
You need to empty contents of furniture not only to reduce its weight, but to avoid accidents as well. If you fail to empty the drawers, contents could fall off during the transport. This poses a great risk to both the mover and the furniture's contents.
4.    Be aware of your body position
When lifting heavy furniture, keep it close to your body. When passing a heavy item to another person, make sure it is on knee level to prevent back injuries. Use your arms and legs for support so that your back won't have to carry the burden alone.

It is advisable to have professional movers take care of your furniture as they have the right equipment to move heavy items effectively and safely.