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Simple Tips For Moving Furniture Effectively Before You Get To The Moving Van

You will find that moving furniture in a way that makes sense will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. It may sound obvious, but many people go about it in the wrong way, and end up dropping large items and breaking them, damaging their own properties and even injuring themselves. If you can reduce the risk of accidents than you will be in a much better position to get things done effectively, whether you are looking to do your house removals with a man with a van or just to get involved with the removals service on the project to get things moving a bit faster. 1.    Be safe and prepared. Being prepared means having the right equipment, being safe means having the right equipment as well as the having the right knowledge. You will find that you need a pair of lifting gloves, that have a grippy material on the palm, to ensure that your hands do not become slippery, and so that you avoid friction burns, cuts and splinters. Any sudden pain, whilst it may be bearable will surprise you and that sort of surprise can lead to you dropping a heavier item, which you don’t need! Call to see if the man with a van driver has any gloves he can lend you. Reading up on safety and technique will save you a fair amount of potential injury, as it all focusses on how to lift things without hurting yourself. Whoever is involved in the move, ensure that they are also well in the know about how to go about these things without injuring themselves or anyone else.2.    Approach the item logically.Sometimes all it takes is a little common sense. You will find that it is necessary to place a person at each reasonable lifting point, in order to distribute the weight of the item evenly for each lifter. This will mean that no one takes more of the weight than anyone else, and the job should be a lot easier. Ensure that all of the people involved in moving the items are of a similar strength, so that the whole thing is not too lopsided. Talk over how the movement of the item should go ahead, and ensure that everyone is clear on how they will be going about the job when it comes to the move. Whilst in progress, have one person elected to talk the move through at an acceptable pace, so that no one is rushed. 3.    Be vocalWhilst you are moving something, there is a lot resting on each member of the moving team, both literally and in terms of risk! Should someone trip, the likelihood is that the sudden weight on the other members will lead to the object being dropped, which could be a disaster. Ensure that everyone speaks up if they are uncomfortable, or if there is a potential hazard, as this is the kind of thing that will need to be understood by the rest of the lifters. If one person needs a break, then the rest should indulge them, as there is no point in pushing a lifter until they can’t handle it any more, as this will simply result in an accident!4.    Reduce contact with the building.Doorways and narrow corridors can cause all sorts of problems, and letting items scrape up against them can cause serious damage, which you will have to sort out before you move out, otherwise the next owner is going to be pretty unhappy! Try having a large flat piece of card or hard board on hand to place between the item and the walls or door frames, when space is tight. A moving van driver or the man with a van will have a few ideas to contribute as well.