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Top Tips For Students Moving To London

So you’ve decided to study in London! Good choice. London is an incredible city, boasting some of the best shopping, culture, and nights out in the world. But moving out of the family home for the first time is a stressful experience as it is, so add moving to the capital to that and you might be letting yourself in for a world of hurt. These tips should help you in the lead-up and first few weeks of moving.     The first thing you need to think about is where to live. If you don’t know anyone in the city, university accommodation may well be your best bet for the first year, as it is a guaranteed way of meeting people and making friends before the semester even starts (and when it does, you’ll probably live near enough to drag people back for post-lecture drinks – another guaranteed way of making friends). However, if you have friends already in London, it may be worth asking them if they are looking for a flatmate for next year as renting in London, when done right, can actually work out substantially cheaper than a lot of university accommodation.      That’s the most important stuff out of the way. Now to try and fit everything you’ve ever owned into the back of your parents’ car (no, don’t actually try to do that). Packing to leave home is a huge thing, especially if you have been based in one place for most of your life, but it’s made substantially easier by simply remembering the following: you do not need that much stuff. That’s not to say leave your Xbox or favourite DVDs – chances are you’ll be using them more at uni than you ever thought possible. But don’t try and bring three closets worth of clothes with you! Bring clothes to last about two weeks at first, and try and visit the parents again after a month or so away – they’ll appreciate the thought and you can pick up all those shoes you left. Finally, pack a sleeping bag, because you never know when you might need it.      Before you go, have a look at your financial situation and work out a budget. Yes, I know it’s boring, but you’ll thank me. Split it into compulsory spending – rent, bills, food, toothpaste – and non-compulsory (or ‘fun’), which will probably go mainly on booze. Even a vague idea of what you can afford to spend each week should stop you scraping through the second half of the year with an overdraft, so it’s really important you have that knowledge before you go.     There are a couple of small things you can do to make the move easier. Before you go, have a look at the location of your to-be-residence (online is fine) and find the nearest large supermarket. The bigger the supermarket, the easier it is to find really good deals and cheaper products to save you a little money each week. If you’re lazy, you might want to check they deliver, too. Also, if there were any big purchases you wanted to do for your new flat – a television or a microwave, for example, keep an eye out through September and October for deals on electronics.     Finally, enjoy yourself. London is a fantastic place to study so make the most of it!