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Top Tips to Pack Offices and Homes

Moving an office is more arduous than moving a home. When moving an office, you need to make sure that all file cabinets and shelves are empty and fully cleaned before the shift. Office supplies, decorations and other small items must be packed in labeled boxes. Office furniture items must be dissembled carefully for easy shifting. It goes without saying that office moving requires more time and planning. To ease the shifting process, hire dollies with four wheels.

When loading furniture items into the truck or moving van, see to it that they are kept stationary during transit. Secure them with ropes, pads and packing tape. If you have hired movers, write instructions on how and where equipment should be delivered to save time.

Though house moving is easier, preparation is still necessary to avoid common moving disasters. The last thing you want is to find your valuables broken or lost after the move. So, collect as many boxes as possible to systematically pack your goods. Boxes are easily accessible at any grocery or liquor store. To determine how many boxes you need, you may use websites of several moving companies that feature an estimating tool.

The key to a smooth house move is organized packing. Use appropriate boxes for every item - small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for small and light items. Similar items should be packed together. To do this effectively, pack by room. If there is more space in the box, fill it with padding to avoid shifting while on transit.