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When should you buy your SW16 home?

Choosing the right time to buy your property can save you hundreds, even thousands and make the house buying transaction much more pleasant and much less stressful.  Consider the following points about what time of the year and months are best to make an offer on a house.When is the best time to buy a property?The best time to buy a house is probably going to be when the property market isn’t as busy, therefore the winter months are the best months to start looking into buying property.  With fewer people house hunting so close to Christmas you will have much less competition driving up the price of the house.  December is officially the cheapest month to buy a house as property prices fall to an annual low, and because the seller will be considering the costs of Christmas they may be more willing to sell the property at a slightly lower price just to get it sold and get the money from it. Of course with fewer properties on the market in the winter months, you will have much less choice when it comes to how many house you have to choose from, you may be very limited in choice especially if you have a specific idea in mind as to what property you would like. Spring is the busiest time of the year when it comes to buying and selling properties and, whilst you will have much more competition which may mean you end up paying more for the house, you will also have much more choice available to you. What is the best day to put an offer in on a house? There are two days of the year that are particularly ideal for making an offer on.  This being Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.  The main reason these are the best days to make an offer on a house is because it is on these days that the least numbers of offers are made on houses, if you place an offer on the house and yours is the only offer made it is more likely to get accepted.  Another reason why these days are excellent time’s to make an offer are due to the happiness and merriness that people feel around these festive periods, the seller is more likely to be in a happy and giving mood, this might mean that they may accept a lower price on the house simply because they are in a good mood.   If you think that this is a good idea then there is one thing that you need to check first, you need to make sure that your estate agent would be available to work that day for you, putting in your offer on the house and awaiting a response from the seller.  Not all estate agents might be willing to work over the festive period, and some might be happy to but don’t unless they are specifically asked to. The first Tuesday of every month is always a good day to make an offer on a house.  Why? Because this is usually the day that the seller has had to pay the mortgage repayments on.  Paying the mortgage acts as a reminder to the seller that they are still paying to live in a house that they want to get rid of, this may make them more open to reducing the price of the property and communicating with you on what it is that they can accept.